Check the Location

We may have seen it before.

"Hot Spots"

Often when a parking company is introduced to a new site, a lot of people get caught out despite the requirement for the parking company to make it plain there are new restrictions in place. We often see a flood of tickets for a particular location. When we do, we try to pout up as much information as we can in our Advanced section here.

It makes the job of deciding what to do if someone has already provided much of the information on the signs, marking and parking operator failings at a particular site. In many cases we've seen it has been operator fault that has led to parking charges being issued - but they will never admit it. So it pays to check here first.

Not so "hot" spots

These are "hot spots" where the locals simply avoid using the parking spaces as the word has got around about their activities. Or in many cases, whoever hired the parking company has found it actually creates more problems than they are supposed to solve. A classic site was Fistral Beach in Newquay where ParkingEye were replaced by Smart Parking. Hiring parking companies comes with the risk you can lose a lot of business.

Again check the location information in our Advanced section here.


Parking enforcement at NHS Hospitals are covered by a specific piece of guidance from the Department of Health. It is titled "NHS patient, visitor and staff car parking principles". You can read it here.

The basic outlines are

  • Charges should be reasonable for the area.
  • Concessions, including free or reduced charges or caps, should be available for the certain groups such as the disabled or frequent outpatient attendees
  • Priority for staff parking should be based on need, e.g. staff whose daily duties require them to travel by car.
  • A second level appeal (POPLA) is available.

As well as this you will find out that the Trust's Patient and Liaison Service (PALS) are available at each Trust and can usually help get these cancelled or consideration given to "white listing" a car.