3 Stages

No one should be paying a parking charge. If they get one, then something as gone wrong such as the signs or the terms not being clear - or even your car not even being there....If you intend to appeal a parking charge or defend a claim, take some time to get the facts before you accept their charges

Check the ATA

Which one decides how you can appeal and for how long. They are different so check.

Check the location

We may have seen it before or have some relevant information about the operator.

Get your own pics

Especially the signs and their location. Too often parking companies show different ones.

4 Tests

There are 4 key questions to be answered with every parking charge.

Was the car there?

Are there time-stamped pics?

Was the area marked?

Signs and lines are key.

What rules?

They have to be clear and understandable

Were they broken?

If not, there is nothing owed